About Dr. Ken Mwatha

Ken MwathaA board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Ken Mwatha cares for people through the Department of Emergency Medicine at a Baltimore, Maryland-based health-care provider. His responsibilities include administering life-saving medicine to patients with severe traumas or illnesses. Further, Dr. Ken Mwatha attends to logistic concerns, like overseeing patient flow in the department, which ranks very high among Baltimore emergency facilities in terms of acuity.

Early in Dr. Ken Mwatha’s career, after completing his residency in emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins University, he became an attending physician at Harbor Hospital, for which he treated emergency patients and sat on important committees. His background also includes periods in which he contributed to medical research. As a medical student at Johns Hopkins, for instance, he worked on projects examining HIV and inflammatory bowel disease.

In his private life, Dr. Mwatha enjoys following rugby. As a young man, he competed for four years on the University of Wyoming’s rugby team, which finished runner-up at the 2000 National Collegiate Rugby Championship.