Supermoon Appears in November 2016

 Super Moon Image:
Super Moon


As a physician practicing emergency medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, Ken Mwatha tends to hospital patients and treats them in emergency and life-threatening situations. In his leisure time, Ken Mwatha pursues the study of astronomy.

Astronomy enthusiasts have many opportunities to view planets and celestial bodies as they go through various phases. Some change throughout the course of the year, while others occur once in a person’s lifetime.

In November of 2016, the University of Alabama offered a public viewing of the recent supermoon, a noteworthy event since the next supermoon will not occur until the year 2034. At this point in its orbit, the moon was at its fullest, passing very close to the earth. At the Gallalee Hall Observatory, the university used their reflective telescope to allow students and members of the public to view the moon even closer. Reportedly, smaller details that are not normally visible can be seen during a supermoon, such as the moon’s craters.